Prosthetics Cairns

Prosthetics can be a big part of your life and your identity. So, it’s only right you choose a specialist to deliver the most comfortable, supportive and reliable prosthetics for your needs. Freedom Prosthetics is a provider and fabricator of prosthetic limbs and care with clinic in Cairns.

Products and Services:

  • The latest technology in prosthetic carving with 3D scanning not previously available in Far North Queensland.
  • Consulting physiotherapist and occupational therapist.
  • Manufacture of all our custom devices on-site in Cairns with quick turn-around.
  • Full range of prefabricated and customised orthotics systems available.
  • Amputee support for any issues they may encounter.
  • Integration of advanced technologies and equipment to support patients reaching their individual rehabilitation goals.
  • We cater for all levels of amputation, utilising a broad range of techniques and technologies to help achieve client comfort and goals.
  • Lower limb products including microprocessor knees and high energy storing feet.
  • Upper limb prosthetics including myoelectric devices.
  • Body-powered prosthetics and purely cosmetic prosthetics.
  • After hours service, repairs and modifications.
  • Design and manufacture of custom assistive technologies for adaptive athletes.

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Benefits of investing in a prosthetic

There are many benefits to opting for a prosthetic, regardless of which body part you require a replacement for. If you’re unconvinced about the monumental difference investing in a prosthetic can make to your life, read on.

1. Rehabilitation

If the loss of a limb or body part is still recent, investing in a prosthetic could really help with the rehabilitation and recovery process. This is because it aids in a return to a new normality thanks to some of the following benefits.

2. Mobility

Depending on the body part you replace with a prosthetic, you could be greatly improving your mobility. For example, leg or feet prosthetics allow you to move around more easily. All it takes is the readjustment to how the prosthetic feels with the rest of your body; in no time at all, it’ll feel completely natural!

3. Independence

One of the largest frustrations for many amputees is adjusting to a lack of independence regarding everyday tasks. This could be driving somewhere, picking things up, or just going about your day-to-day activities unaided. While a prosthetic isn’t a full replacement for what used to be, they’re the next closest thing you could have.


Below are a number of questions frequently asked by our prospective clients. If you have questions yourself, have a look if they have been answered in our FAQ. For any other questions or requests, feel free to get in touch with our team in Cairns or Townsville.

1. When can I get a prosthesis?

How soon following an amputation or operation you can get a prosthesis depends on a few factors. Namely, this includes post-surgical healing, existing medical conditions such as diabetes, and your history of recovery time. We’ll go through this with you in more detail when you register your interest in prosthetics.

2. Will I be able to qualify for prosthetics?

More than likely, yes – the majority of amputees qualify for prosthetics. It ultimately comes down to the placement and nature of where the prosthesis would be required. Some areas of the body can be difficult to replace, and not all prosthetics provide a function. Your best bet is to speak with one of our experts who can advise you on your individual situation.

3. Are prosthetics easy to care for?

Yes! Most prosthetics are easy to clean; simply wipe clean and dry. Customer aftercare is a huge part of the Freedom Prosthetics ethos, so we’ll run all of the prosthesis care advice through with you following the casting and fitting stages.